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Trademark Registration in Europe

 150.00 exc. VAT

Register your trademark in the European Union through our easy-to-use online checkout form and get your European Trademark (formerly Community Trademark or CTM) by the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) as soon as possible.

If you use list of goods and services or harmonized list of goods and services choose our Self-Service or Assisted Pack, if you don’t know what these are, choose our Done-for-You Pack at our checkout calculator, where every expense, including official fees, will be calculated when you fill out the form and you can get everything done in one go. File with us and we automatically provide EU Representation to your case as well!

  • 1 Day Filing Time
  • EU Representation Included
  • Self-Service Online Filing or Full-Assisted Versions
  • One-Page CheckOut Calculator Calculates Every Fee –  Get Everything Done in One Go!


Register a Trademark in Europe with Ease, Without Paying a Fortune in Fees

You can choose the service pack you like, after you clicked on the Order button and you’ve been forwarded to our order form.

*EUIPO: European Union Intellectual Property Office

You can choose the service pack you like, after you clicked on the Order button and you’ve been forwarded to our order form.

You Need an EU Representative to Your Case. Order Your Registration and We Automatically Become Yours!

In order to file a European Trademark application to the European Intellectual Property Office as a non-EU company or person, you need an EU-based Trademark Attorney, who is up to date with the local legal environment and can support your case as your representative. It is mandatory for non-EU companies, and highly recommended for EU-based ones. Lot of the times companies didn’t take the due diligence to choose the professesional representative who has an EUIPO certificate and it leads to a lot of legal trouble.

Order your registration and we become your offical, EUIPO certified Legal representatives in the European Union.

Order your Registration through our One-Page Checkout Process!

Why Register a Trademark in the EU?

List of benefits when filing an EU Trademark

  • You will get a Trademark for much cheaper in the whole EU if you File This Way, than if you file individually in every country in Europe; also it is much quicker as well.
  • You wil have Exclusive Rights for Using Your Trademark in the European Union
  • You can Legally Protect Your Trademark and Brand in the EU if other Companies are Using it
  • It is Amazon-compatible: Amazon accepts the EU Trademark in it’s selling ecosystem and provides benefits to these sellers – if you are selling on Amazon, it is a no brainer.
  • The EU TM increases the value of your company and you will have sellable and licencable intangible asset, which you can monetize.
  • If you file your EU TM until January 1st of 2021, because of Brexit, you will automatically get a Trademark to the UK as well.
Order your Registration through our One-Page Checkout Process!

Fast & effective solutions

We work around the clock and constantly innovate in order to stay the quickest and most effective TM firm in the industry.

Affordable legal fees

We think ineffective companies ask for high prices in order to make their customers pay for their own business mistakes. We believe in fair pricing.

More than 700+ cases solved

We are fresh and hard-working: we have more than a 700+ solved trademark cases behind our backs throughout the years spent in the industry.

Quick & excellent customer support

We hate when we have to wait days for a reply. That's why providing accurate answers to your questions in 24 hours is our standard.

How much will be the official fee on my registration?

Our order form is a calculator as well, so as you give us the parameters of your filing, the software calculates the official fees and adds it to the total cost. You only have to do the process once, send us the total price and we will handle the official fees and everything from there – Simple.

Can I register an EU TM, without an EU TM search?

You can, but without a professional EU trademark search, your application is vulnerable, since you don’t know basically how unique your trademark is in the EU and how many other, similar trademarks there are in this market. Having a proper EU trademark search before the filing, is the smart thing to do. If you want to brief us with it, we would be more than happy to help you with it, you can apply here.

What happens after I place my order?

As soon as your payment arrived, we go through your order and send you a confirmation and an invoice via email. In case of a full assistance order we’ll contact you in email and have several questions about the trademark you wish to file and the goods and services your business offers. If everything is okay with your order, we will start the work right away and let you know when the filing has happened.

Who's going to take care of your case? Meet Our Attorneys!

Get known to our friendly and helpful professionals

dr. Gábor Bene

Gábor is our strategic IP advisor lawyer and he supports our clients in IP litigation cases before trademark offices and courts.

dr. Sándor Tündik

Sándor is our legal associate and provides commercial aspects to our clients' trademark cases as an advisor.

dr. Dániel Nagy

Dániel is our trademark filing and validation expert and as a general advisor he helps out our clients on a daily basis.

dr. Kriszti Halla

Kriszti is our trademark paralegal and as a head of office she suports the cases with back-end tasks, as well as a legal advisor.

Payment methods


Use our PayPal payment option to pay without any hassle. You can use your credit card through PayPal as well.

Direct Bank Transfer

Choose the direct transfer option and you get the payment details after your order is placed.

Order your Registration through our One-Page Checkout Process!


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