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EU Design Registration

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If you have a visually unique product or product packaging it is a good idea that beside the trademark, file a design protection claim as well. This way you leave no chance for copycats, and protect your place for sure on the market. Only a few companies are informed well enough to see the true nature of design protection, because of this the EU design is a viable too for your protection. The process itself is pretty quick, most of the time it can be done under a week.



You can order our service by filling out the form and describing your situation in a few sentences. We will go through your application and get back to you with an exact offer custom tailored to your case.

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Get inspired…

…by some of the most famous EU designs in the world

Get inspired…

…by some of the most famous EU designs in the world

The Iphone by Apple

In 2010 the Apple Inc filed an EU design to it’s legendary Iphone.

Rubik's Cube

The iconic Hungarian invention, hence it’s symbolic visual identity is also under EU design protection.

The Xbox gaming controller by Microsoft

The Xbox gaming controller by Microsoft also beneficiary of the EU design.

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